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Online Assigment 2021-22
ClassGroupSubjectTitleLast DateSubmitted
BA ISem I & II Without PracticalMathematicsAssignment B.Sc,B.A I Sem (Diff Calculus)29-Jan-20228
BA IIISem III & IV Without PracticalMathematicsAssignment B.Sc,B.A III Sem (Real Analysis)29-Jan-20229
BA IIISem III & IV Without PracticalSEC-MathB.A 3rd Sem SEC (Integral Calculus)29-Jan-2022 
BA VSem V & VI Without PracticalMathematicsB.Sc, B.A 5th Sem (Linear Algebra) Assignment29-Jan-20228
BA VSem V & VI Without PracticalSEC-MathB.A 5th Sem SEC (Integral Calculus)29-Jan-20221
BSc IPCMMathematicsAssignment B.Sc,B.A I Sem (Diff Calculus)07-Feb-2022177
BSc IPMGMathematicsAssignment B.Sc,B.A I Sem (Diff Calculus)29-Jan-202231
BSc IIISem III & IV PCMMathematicsAssignment B.Sc,B.A III Sem (Real Analysis29-Jan-2022167
BSc IIISem III & IV PCMSec -Mat(III)Phy(IV)B.Sc Sem SEC (Integral Calculus)29-Jan-202255
BSc IIISem III & IV PCMSec -Mat(III)Phy(IV)B.Sc Sem SEC (Integral Calculus)29-Jan-20228
BSc IIISem III & IV PMGMathematicsAssignment B.Sc,B.A III Sem (Real Analysis29-Jan-202233
BSc VSem V & VI PCMMathematicsB.Sc, B.A 5th Sem (Linear Algebra) Assignment07-Feb-2022174
BSc VSem V & VI PCMSEC-MathB.Sc Sem SEC (Integral Calculus)07-Feb-202227
BSc VSem V & VI PMGMathematicsB.Sc, B.A 5th Sem (Linear Algebra) Assignment07-Feb-202233
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